Don’t Hire Any Septic Company Near Me

Let’s say that your septic system is failing and needs to be repaired / replaced. You look for a “septic company near me” and hire “Bruno’s Bobcat Service” to perform a perc test.

In order to perform the perc test, the septic company is required to apply for a permit on your behalf and schedule a perc test date with the sanitarian. No problem.

In this scenario, the perc test is attended by you, the health department and Bruno. At the conclusion of the test, the County provides a design for the septic repair. At that point, you can get pricing from Bruno and as well, you can contact any local / licensed septic company with that same scope of work for a additional prices.

It often suits the homeowner to simply go forward with the repairs with Bruno, but if for any reason you feel the need for more pricing options, when the county’s scope of work is provided, Legacy can typically provide Second Opinion Pricing within two hours.