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Preventative Maintenance


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Sewer Ejection Pump Preventive Maintenance Program

Recommended every four years

Does your home’s septic system include a SEWER EJECTOR PUMP?

Sewer ejection pumps are typically installed in basements that have bathrooms or laundry rooms below the sewer line.   They pump waste into the main septic line.  Your owner’s manual is a good resource, and a licensed professional should check your sewer ejector pump regularly.  There are a few things that you can do to help extend the life of your sewer ejection pump.   The top of the sump basin should be sealed properly so that no waste or smell can be emitted.  If the seal is not tight and effectively sealed, please consult with a professional.

Sewage Ejector Pump Maintenance

  • Venting: Presence of adequate tank venting. Openings in the tank itself may discharge odors, dangerous sewer gases, or even bacteria and sewage backup into the room. If a vent is omitted, when the pump is running it will create an unwanted vacuum in the sewage reservoir.
  • Presence of each of the components shown in the sketch above
  • Evidence of leaks, exposed wires, unprotected openings into the pit
  • Evidence of backups or overflows which may show recent failures
  • Pump operation: turn on a nearby plumbing fixture to fill the reservoir tank, observe the pump operation, turning on and off normally
  • Damaged ejector/grinder pump reservoir or basin: the fiberglass or plastic container should be intact, with no cracks, breaks, improper holes, or other damage. Some basins are made of cast iron and use a cast iron lid. The lid should fit securely, be of the proper material, and not be leaking.
  • A check valve on the discharge line is needed at the discharge line (as we show in the right hand photo above). Unless a check valve is installed, when the septic pump motor turns off you’ll hear a large volume of water running backwards into the pumping chamber from the discharge line, causing the pump to turn on again too soon or even to cycle continuously.
Sandmound Preventive Maintenance Program

Recommended every four years

  1. Thoroughly pump septic tank (if necessary, at additional $265.00)
  2. Empty the pump tank
  3. Clean pump station with pressured water
  4. Check operation of floats and alarm
  5. Fill pump station with clean water
  6. Remove plugs from sandmound and flush system. Install clear sight tubes on riser pipes in order to check pump head pressure and set to design pressure as necessary.
  7. Install plugs, clean up and check grass growth over system – note observations.

NOTE: If head pressure is above design specifications, lateral holes may be (or may be becoming clogged). System may need to be jetted or snaked with brush.

BAT (Norweco) Septic Maintenance Program
  • Measure solids in trash tank and assess overall condition of trash tank
  • Check aerator operation
  • Check aerator air delivery
  • Check aerator power consumption
  • Inspect aerator chamber contents
  • Clean aspirator tip
  • Clean stainless steel aspirator shaft
  • Check electrical connections
  • Remove two part filter system
  • Clean both filters and reinstall
  • Inspect outlet coupling
  • Inspect liquid level in tank
  • Clean fresh air vent
  • Complete three part service record
  • Hang notification on front door or speak with customer
  • Enter service record MDE and County Health Department mandated reporting system.

Items not covered: Tank pumping when required, repairs or parts, service calls or repairs due to disposal of restricted items into BAT System.

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Please thank George for coming out and making quick work of the septic and the report. I appreciate it very much ... Great to meet and talk with you over the phone. George was a pleasure to meet on Wednesday. I will keep recommending Legacy every chance I can.

Christina, Adamstown, MD April 6, 2020



Toilet paper is the only thing that you can safely flush.

AVOID Flushing…

  • RAGS
  • GREASE (This includes your garbage disposal).  Grease can harden and stick to pipes and can eventually lead to blockages.
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I had my septic tank pumped and my neighbors done at the same time they offer a 5% friendly neighbor discount the gentleman had done it before he remembered me set up and did the job very efficiently also inspecting the tanks to make sure everything was good. I don't think I could be happier the service is also fairly priced.

Randy, Taneytown November 3, 2019

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