Septic System

What About Septic Inspections?

Earlier this year Legacy stopped performing Septic System Inspections. While we’re certainly still certified to inspect, it felt “shady” to inspect a property and then advise the customer why they needed to contract us to make septic system repairs. Instead, we prefer to receive the call from a home buyer who is purchasing a home and the completed inspection cited specific required repairs.

Legacy can provide same day bids from most inspection reports so that the buyer can consider the repair expense during the real estate purchase process.

And along those lines, I beg you… when buying a property which is on private septic, please do not skimp on your septic system inspection. Home Inspections are not necessarily Septic Inspections (just like termite, radon etc.… it’s very specialized). A “PASSED” receipt is not a report. Yes, you can probably find an “inspector” that will save you a hundred, or even a few hundred dollars, but when you consider that a repair / replacement can run from $1,500 – $60,000 pony up a few hundred dollars and go with a company that specializes in high value septic inspections.

More often than you think, a septic system which shows no concerns in the back yard during the buying process can be erupting by the time you’re scrubbing the house down and doing your first loads of laundry. By then, the furniture is on order and your resources are completely devoted to the relocation. An excellent inspection is worth its weight in gold.