Why Do I Need a Septic Riser?

At the closing of every “Library Talk” you’ll hear me plead, “If you hear ANYTHING that I’ve said tonight, please hear this… “If your septic doesn’t have a riser, please contact your septic company and get a septic riser installed. There is no substitute for good maintenance and a riser is the best tool in maintaining your septic.”

Many homes have a small 6” white plastic pipe that sticks out of the ground. This access is above one end of the rectangular septic tank on the inlet side (side closest to the house). The septic pumping technician sticks the hose down this hole and gets everything that he can, everything that’s located directly underneath that area.

A riser is typically 24” across and it is installed directly above the 24” opening in the center of the septic tank. Accessing the tank through the riser not only allows the technician to thoroughly clean the entire tank; it also allows the technician to check the condition of the tank and check for any obvious root penetration, as well check the condition of the baffles. How much are they? Legacy prices risers based on the depth to the septic tank.

Our pricing schedule ranges any where between $500 – $1,150. Risers have been code in Carroll County for about a decade and with good reason. Please consider these critical tools to maintaining your septic system. For more information contact Legacy Septic through our website, 410.840.8766, or email  info@legacyseptic.com